2013 Show Results and Photos

The 2013 shows pulled in a great entry, with an Australian record Clumber entry of 26 for the feature show judged by Rosemary Weaver of New Zealand (Thaxmead Clumbers)

Full results of the three shows are listed at


Photos by Mark Wakeham – untouched excepted a few in the David Irving have been straightened and one from the John Bell has been cropped – are at the links below. Please note Mark has retained copyright on these photos but has allowed the CSLV to use them.

  1. Open Show
  2. John Bell Championship Show
  3. David Irving Championship Show

The photos from Dave Read’s photos can be viewed at

  1. Open Show 438 photos
  2. John Bell Championship Show 834 photos
  3. David Irving Championship Show 567 photos (the dogs are not identified inhere because I was going mad and it would take me 2000 years, but you can easily figure who is who by the time yo have viewed the other albums – smile)

The Official club promo photos can be found here, the information about the show wins and dogs name are contained in the EXIF

Featured here are the three Best in Show winners – photos by Mark Wakeham

Best in Show (left side) and Runner Up in Show Open Show

Best in Show John Bell Championship Show

Best in Show David Irving Championship – NZACh Baswei U B The Pirate at Bayparque (impNZ)