2014 Breed Display Royal Melbourne Show

Your kind secretary did entice me to participate in the Royal Melbourne Show Breed Showcase, with the promise of $150 donation from the RASV to CSLV if we did a 9-5 shift one day. With her English Springer hat on Secretary Caitlin not only left her Thumper at home, but the CSLV banner too, so it was just a generic breed display we mounted with photos Caitlin and I had packed. I was escorted by a sulky Morse, this was decidedly NOT a dog show just a people event and they kept asking the same questions, and a much happier Gleam who arranged the selfies.

So within 2 hours I had fielded 20 comments on how soft their coats are, 15 declarations that they were cute, 10 remarked on what large feet they had, while 20 stated they had never seen a Clumber before – after lunch I got a bit bored with counting these things.

report and photos Jan Irving

the neighbouring breed display, manned here by the CSLV secretary with her ESS hat on

notice we hire very young helpers, Zahra Ryan is taking a well earned snooze in the righthand corner

Gleam’s selfie, Morse can’t believe it

any more of the same questions and Morse says he is going home, and it was so hot in the pavilion the wet towels were deployed – and that’s despite it was a wet, windy, rainy day with a small crowd


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