Sponsors required for the 2015 Shows

we are going to be financially challenged with the 2015 shows due to expenses,
can you help by sponsoring a rosette or two?,  (prices are AUD$)

  • Silver Support, $5 per rosette, no credit on rosette, listing only in catalogue
  • Sterling Silver Support $10 per rosette, credit with rosette (we may go with tail printing we may go with a card, depending on time)
  • Gold Support $20 per rosette, credit with rosette (same deal on tail or on an attached card), naming/honoring rights for the award, but we allocate the award (so we aren’t doubling up on awards) eg the Boroniahil Rosette (which CSLV allocate to eg Best Neuter)
  • Polished Gold Support $30 per rosette and they can have a dedicated one even for an award that has already been given eg BIS is already donated but this gives the donor another rosette with credit eg the Boroniahil Rosette for Breeder of Best in Show (they having chosen that award)

if your rosette is not awarded then it will be carried over to a future show … we won’t discard unawarded rosettes

we aim to have all the ‘Best in Show’ awards supported, but there are also the ‘Opposite in Show’ awards too, plenty to sponsor! Note sponsoring a rosette is for one show only, we have THREE shows!

Are rosettes are beautiful, famous, and handmade.

we are also accepting advertising in the catalogues

the raffle we run on the day of the show is dedicated to raising funds for Clumber Spaniel Health Foundation, no proceeds from the raffle go to CSLV

please contact us for details on how you can pay

—- all sponsorship for 2015 closes 25th JUNE 2015 —


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