By Laws – Clumber Spaniel League Victoria

amended 31 October 2003

14 November, 2002


1) Annual membership base fees are $10 per annum for a single, $16 per annum for a multi (being 2 or more but with no more than 2 votes & 1 mailing address), further fees, surcharges, etc may be made by members in general meeting by resolution passed by a majority of not less than three fourths of the members present and voting in person: Effective 1st December 2004

2) that one office-bearer may hold a combination of the three positions viz Secretary, Treasurer, Public Officer

enacted AGM 4.11.2002

3) membership details are not to be published, with the sole exception of the member’s name, without the specific authorization of the said member – this information is to be completed on the application form and membership cannot be invoked until the application form is completed fully stating or declining permission for this information to be published

enacted AGM 4.11.2002




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