melb-18-website-banner-graphic-for-exhibs-24-01-2018 Clumber Spaniel League Victoria
members and friends will have Clumbers at the 2018 Gundog Breeds Showcase!

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Clumber Spaniel League Victoria was formed in 1997 to promote and protect the Clumber Spaniel. Members are advocates of good health and breeding practices, please feel welcome to review our Statement of Purposes and Code Of Practice and Ethics


What is a Clumber Spaniel …

The adult male Clumber weighs about 32kg and is about  50cm at the shoulder. The girls weigh less and are shorter.

The coat is a double coat, and the breed sheds twice a year, the heavier shed is in summer.

The dogs have heavy, thick set bone that requires quality puppy nutrition for longer periods than slender legged breeds and also a different type of exercise.

The adults require free running exercise twice a day.

Most Clumbers have a reliable and generous attitude, but this is moulded by how they are raised and treated by their families. They have long memories and dislike drill style training, but love and blossom on small challenges building on past learned skills.

They can bark but are not a noisy breed – in most cases.

You should be able to expect a good 12 years of active life, puppy behaviour will reappear even then!

Click here to find out more about Clumber Spaniels and where to find one in Australia

Clumber Spaniel League Victoria clumbers.org.au

The structure of our overseeing body the Australian National Kennel Council requires three plus states to have breed clubs before a National/Australian breed club will be formed from these clubs.


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