Clumber Spaniel League Victoria

CSLV - Statement of Purposes

Statement of Purposes – Clumber Spaniel League Victoria

  • to promote and uphold the heritage and true historical virtues of the Clumber Spaniel
  • to have a club noted for its and its members integrity
  • to provide support, information, direction and hold in trust all that is typical and desirable in the Clumber Spaniel and friendship for members, in, but not limited to, the following ways:
  • to nurture and guide members in any adopted Code of Practice and Code of Ethics
  • to unite like minded individuals in the support and betterment of the Clumber Spaniel, particularly by encouraging them to join and participate in the CSLV
  • to actively seek positive and accurate publicity for the Clumber Spaniel in the media, by joining public events, hosting events, and publishing newsletters, information brochures, and other publications
  • to ensure accurate information is disseminated by members and the club
  • to produce information on Life with Clumbers including, but not limited to, Clumbers what are they, puppy buying, living with geriatrics, living with hip dysplasia, living with entropion. The publication of material about living with Clumbers with a fault in no way should be taken as encouragement for any breeder not to strive to rid the population of such problems!
  • where possible the club refutes, with evidence or other support, any material considered inaccurate or misleading
  • to encourage competition at approved events in all appropriate disciplines, including, but not limited to showing, obedience, tracking, endurance, gundog obedience, approved meaning sanctioned or reasonably assumed to be sanctioned by the ANKC
  • to encourage breeding only to improve the Clumber Spaniel’s health levels and improve breed type as defined by the ANKC adopted breed standard
  • to take an active role in collating genetic information about our breed and keeping abreast with and disseminating information in relation to all health issues particularly associated with the Clumber Spaniel
  • to have available a list of financial owners, breeders and fanciers and contact details of the CSLV. Details of such material to be published and releases for publication required will be found in the CSLV By Laws.
  • to actively support conformation judges education, by developing and maintaining a set of resources for judges’ education, including annual breed lectures, and development and review of an extended breed standard as sought by the ANKC
  • to frequently and rationally review all club guidelines, etc, including but not necessarily limited to, Statement of Purposes, Constitution, ByLaws/Regulations at least every five years (viz 2005, 2010, 2015, etc)
  • to seek affiliation with the Victorian Canien Association as soon as the club has strong Victorian membership base =

CSLV = Clumber Spaniel League Victoria
ANKC = Australian National Kennel Council
VCA = Victorian Canine Association (now trades as Dogs Victoria)

Contact Details

Victoria, VIC, Australia
Email : [email protected]