Clumber Spaniel League Victoria

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The Clumber Spaniel League Victoria is Australia's first ever Clumber club, despite the breed arriving in Australia in 1883.

The first pair came to Victoria direct from the ancestral home of Nottinghamshire's Clumber Park in the northern reaches of the famous Sherwood Forest.

The CSLV was founded in September 1997 at the Melbourne Royal by Jan Irving, Lisa Franke and An Cerato, who were soon joined by Sandra Sanim, and Dorothy Chisman.

In April 2004, the centenary year for the UK's own Clumber club, the Victorian Canine Association accepted the CSLV affiliation application.

Major work was undertaken in 2004 to raise a minimum saving fund of $2400 to cover the equivalent of ten years' affiliation and incorporation fees, and then attention will turn to health and rescue funds.

The first shows were held in Skye on July 10th 2005.

Foundation members were Jan Irving, Lisa Franke, & An Cerato Inaugural members were Sandra Sanim & Dorothy Chisman

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Victoria, VIC, Australia
Email : [email protected]