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Know your rights

Laws and regulations should always work towards improving the health and longevity of dogs bred ... as a buyer/adopter you have the power to drive the breeders into doing better on each generation of breeding by upholding laws and encouraging breeders to meet ever improving standards and requirements.

The State of Victoria has introduced new laws to protect buyers and dogs.

Anyone who sells a dog in this state must abide by these laws and

  • must have a PER Source Number
  • all dogs must be microchipped

and this information must appear in advertisments ... do not buy or adopt a dog from anyone who does not.

See Pet Exhchange Register -

Owners (including breeders) have legal responsibilities -

Dogs Victoria provide an overview at -

Members of Dogs Victoria must provide new owners with a considerable amount of material when selling/placing a dog (Dogs Victoria Regulations  sourced14 September 2019)

20.1.23 A member shall provide to all recipients of dogs sold or otherwise disposed of by that member, written details of:

  • The breed characteristics;
  • Vaccination record and / or requirements including the due date of the next vaccination or recommended timing for next titre;
  • Responsible dog ownership information;
  • All documentation required by Dogs Victoria
  • Records on internal and external parasite control;
  • Records of microchip number with a signed transfer of owner form;
  • A desexing certificate (if applicable); and
  • A written health declaration in accordance with 20.1.25.

Note Dogs Victoria members are also required to undertake several protocol steps when breeding and you should be welcome for asking to view the following

veterinary health clearances for breeding for both sire and dam (dad and mum)

veterinary health certificate for mum soon after the pups are born

As a buyer you should also ask to see any physical health clearances, eg eye testing, hip and elbow testing, any performance awards (eg Ch, RN, ET etc), any local training club certificates on the parents and/grandparents, to visit and see the dogs at home with their owners ... but please understand breeders and owners will want some assurity of your genuine interest and identification before supplying their home address.

Breeders of Clumbers must ensure any dogs they breed are also clear or carriers only of identifed and testable genetic disease ... currently (2019) that includes both PDP1 deficiency and EIC ... ask and verify where the parents have been tested.


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